Musical Theater Dance Classes

Musical Theater Dance Classes
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View Dance Class Attire Here for group dance classes.

View No Dance Class Dates for Spring Here for group dance classes. *Musical Theater Dance classes will not showcase in the dance recital.

Class Dates: Fridays, February 14th-May 22nd

  • NPAC has a No-Drop policy for any dance season- once a student enrolls in a class, they are in turn committing to the full season.
  • No Drop Dance Season Policy: Students must participate in the entire season for any dance class/es. For example, those who enroll in January for our spring season of Dance must be ready to commit to the class/es from February 14th-May 22nd. 
  • TRIALS: FIRST CLASS FREE. Once student tries a class then there will be a $15/charge for any other class they try prior to registering.
  • Times may change due to number of students enrolled class

Musical Theater Dance Class Schedule

Friday (Dance Studio 3- Black Box with Mrs. Carissa):

Musical Theater Dance (Middle School)- 10-14 yrs old 4:30 to 6:00pm

Musical Theater Dance (High School)- 14-18 yrs old 6:00 to 7:30pm