Q: What is NPAC’s mission?

NPAC: NPAC provides excellence in arts education through a diverse curriculum, while fostering creativity, building self-esteem, developing our students’ love for the arts and equipping them with life skills. We believe that all students, regardless of their ethnicity, intellectual capabilities and financial status, should have the opportunity to participate in the arts and develop these life skills.

Q: What is NPAC?

NPAC: Naples Performing Arts Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization registered with the Florida Division of Corporations. We are tax exempt through section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code which means donations to NPAC are tax-deductible.

Q: What should I do if I miss a class?

NPAC: Students are encouraged and expected to attend class regularly. Dance students are entitled to make up missed classes during the current session at an equivalent level or below. Private music lessons canceled less than 24-hours ahead by the student, will not be made up. Make ups for missed private music lessons are at the discretion of the instructor and should be made up in the semester they are missed. Please see school administrator with make up inquiries. Due to the structure of the classes there are no make up lessons for theatre classes.

Q: What should my child wear/bring to class?



  • Ballet, Pointe: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, pointe shoes when applicable, hair in bun and pinned away from face. Inappropriate: shorts, pants, T-shirts, anything baggy
  • Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary: tight fitting dance shorts or pants, tight fitting tops or leotards, jazz shoes (please check with instructor about their recommended color for the Dance Concert), hair must be tied up and pinned back. Inappropriate: baggy clothing including T-shirts, shorts, pants, jeans, dresses
  • Hip Hop: comfortable clothing, sneakers, jazz shoes or hip hop shoes.
Inappropriate: tight shorts (long baggy shorts are permitted), jeans, ballet attire, buns, jazz shoes, revealing attire, and inappropriate attire
  • Tap: comfortable clothing, jazz pants and tanks or form fitting shirts preferred, tap shoes. Inappropriate: jeans, dresses
  • Creative Beginner: leotard, tights, ballet skirts, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes (Creative Movement II, Pre-Ballet/Tap I and II only). Hair needs to be pulled back.


  • Ballet: white T-shirt, black tights, black biker shorts, black ballet shoes. Inappropriate: baggy clothing, shorts
  • Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary: T-shirt, pants or shorts that allow for movement. Please wear tank under T-shirt.
  • Hip Hop: comfortable clothing, sneakers, jazz shoes or hip hop shoes
Inappropriate: jeans, ballet attire
  • Tap: comfortable clothing, tap shoes. Inappropriate: jeans
  • Creative Beginner: T-shirt, pants or shorts that allow for movement.


  • All students should wear clothes that allow for movement. Female students should have their hair pulled back off their face. Please, no skirts or dresses. No flip flops or sandals.


  • All students are expected to arrive on time and come prepared for all classes.
  • Theatre students must come with the appropriate equipment (music, script, pencil) and ready to work.
  • Due to the nature of some theatre classes with a performance, you many be asked to supply some sort of prop, costume piece, and so on. You will get plenty of notice from the instructor if this is necessary.


  • Music students must come with all of their materials (music, instrument, pencil) and ready to work.
  • Students are expected to practice their lesson material outside of class. This is imperative for progress to occur.
  • Music teachers reserve the right to terminate lessons if there is a consistent lack of preparation.

Q: Will my child be guaranteed a speaking role in the musical or play?

NPAC: While we cannot guarantee that everyone will have a leading role, we can guarantee that all participants will have their moment to shine! We make sure that everyone is highlighted in some way. We want every cast member to have a good experience while continuing to improve on their acting, singing and/or dancing talents.

Q: What if my child doesn’t like the class?

NPAC: We know how kids react sometimes when they are first exposed to something new. We suggest that you give the class some time before deciding that it is not for him or her. Wait at least two or three classes to make a decision. For students beginning new instruments we suggest allowing a longer period of time before switching to another instrument, teacher, or class. We also suggest that you talk to the teacher to get feedback and/or to help your child feel more at ease. If your child is still feeling uncomfortable, the office will do it’s best to try and find a new fit. Also, see individual department’s POLICIES AND PROCEDURES regarding refunds and credits.

Q: What kind of performance outlets will my child have?

NPAC: See AUDITIONS and individual department’s PERFORMANCES AND EVENTS.

Q: When will the school be closed for holidays?

NPAC: See CALENDAR for holiday closings.

Q: How do I find call back and cast lists?

NPAC: All lists will be emailed.

Q: Does NPAC have a refund policy?

NPAC: We have a strict NO-REFUND POLICY for all programs, classes, shows, lessons, tickets, etc. Once student enrolls or registers into a program they are committing to the program. If they choose to drop or not continue to participate after registration/enrollment, NPAC is not responsible for any refund.