About NPAC

About NPAC

Established in 2012, The Naples Performing Arts Center provides excellence in arts education through a diverse curriculum, while fostering creativity, building self-esteem, developing our students’ love for the arts and equipping them with life skills.
All students, regardless of their ethnicity, intellectual capabilities and financial status, should have the opportunity to participate in the arts and develop these life skills. NPAC was started in 2012 by Founder and President, Lori Oliver. She believes in providing the community with a venue for children to have access to performing arts education. NPAC offers a School of Dance, School of Drama and the School of Music where students can develop their skills and talents.

NPAC also offers a year round program for students with special needs. The “I’m a Star” program gives students with intellectual challenges numerous opportunities to be “stars” and shine on the stage. Every week they are challenged with their music theory curriculum, vocal and acting classes, and specially designed choreography. Every child should have the opportunity to be a STAR!

NPAC has the privilege of going into local classrooms to fill the gap where the arts programs have been removed. For example, Oliver spent a considerable amount of time in Immokalee after seeing the complete lack of artistic opportunities. She taught students there how to audition and awarded 20 gifted children the opportunity to train at NPAC. We are honored to have students from Immokalee High participating in our current production of “Hairspray” with 100% scholarships!

NPAC has provided transportation to our theater and back two times a week for each of these students. These young people are incredibly talented and they have huge dreams to be singers, piano players, stage performers – but they do not have the resources to receive the training to accomplish those dreams. Many of these students never could have imagined that a place like NPAC would believe in them enough to give them these kinds of opportunities. With the help and support of our community, we can make these dreams come true for these children.

This is just the beginning of what NPAC is going to do. We hope you will catch the vision and join us in making a difference in the lives of so many children.

In 2015 NPAC became a 501(c)(3) non-for- profit organization. We now offer performing arts education to all people in the SWFL community!