We’re Hiring

We’re Hiring
October 1, 2021 No Comments News,Uncategorized npac2016

2 Positions Available:

Technical Director

The Technical Director has a responsibility for the technical operations of the theater, including lighting, sound, and any necessary maintenance. Naples Performing Arts Center produces between 6 to 8 musical productions per year. This position oversees and maintains the fly systems, special effects, projector and any other technical systems/equipment in the theater. The Technical Director reports directly to the Production Manager. This is a seasonal job, however several months of the year are extremely busy.

Development Coordinator

The Development Coordinator will identify, cultivate, solicit and steward prospects and donors capable of making gifts of $1,000 and above. Maintain, input data and manage donor database system. The Development Coordinator will oversee the planning, cultivation and execution of events/fundraisers for the organization. This position will be responsible for identifying, soliciting and acquiring corporate sponsors. The Development Coordinator will be required to identify, apply and perform any other duties required for grant writing. Should have personal interest in theater and understanding and appreciation of the ideals and goals of Naples Performing Arts Center.