I’M A STAR is Now Year Round

NPAC is proud to announce our

Year of I'm a STAR!

I'm a STAR is officially an all year program at the Naples Performing Arts Center!!

Our first Year of I'm a STAR will begin with I'm a STAR Fall 2016. The program will have seasonal breaks during the year just like NPAC's JuniorStage & MainStage.  

Stars will be taught choreography, acting, vocal training, confidence on stage and team building. Further, NPAC is excited to be able to provide our STARS with performance opportunities throughout the year. Performance dates will be announced during the season. 

Fall 2016 rehearsals will be held on Wednesdays from 5-6 pm. The Fall 2016 season will begin on August 24th and end on December 14th of 2016. Registration will be open until Friday, August 19th so reserve your spot today

The I'm a STAR Spring 2017 season dates will be announced soon. Please note you will need to register your STAR for each season once the registration for the season is open.  

NPAC's Year of I'm a STAR was only made possible by generous support from the community. We would like to thank those who have made this dream become a reality by supporting the program and thus, our STARS! NPAC cannot offer culturally-enhancing, year-round opportunities like “I’m a STAR!” without dedicated supporters like you!  
Learn more about the launch of this amazing program!